How To Plan A Wedding

So, you’re engaged! Congratulations!

You may have been secretly making plans for your wedding in your head for many years, but now it’s all getting real and it’s time to actually plan your wedding for real.

At Wedding SuperMarket we help couples plan their weddings from scratch – and we make it as easy as humanly possible.

Step #1: Find Your Dream Wedding Venue

Planning a wedding day all starts with settling on a venue. You may already have one in mind, but if you don’t, we can help you find the perfect wedding venue for your wedding. Simply use our wedding venue search.

The availability of your venue will likely impact the date you end up getting married on.

Your venue is important because it will provide the environment for your wedding – it will have a huge impact on your wedding photos.

Step #2: Finding Your Caterer

Some venues have in-house catering and others allow you to hire an outside caterer to service your event.

If you don’t have a wedding planner, your caterer takes care of all your event logistics. They will set up all your tables, turn over rooms if that’s necessary, and anything else that has to be done to make the event run smoothly.

Step #3: Find A Photographer Whose Style You Like

Your wedding photos are likely to be on the walls of your house for the rest of your marriage, if not the rest of your life. Because of this it’s important to find a photographer whose style you like. Our wedding photographer search will help you with this.

You may also want to check out our guide to looking good in your wedding photos.

Step #4: Give Your Guests A Good Time

Entertainment is what makes a party a party. And it has a massive impact on what your guests remember about your big day. They’ll forget the food. They’ll forget the cake. They may even forget the venue unless they found it unusual. But they will not forget personal memories that you gift them.

A wedding magician can often provide an touch of the unusual during your drinks reception.

A live band adds a real touch of class to evening proceedings.

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